Wednesday, 16 December 2009

End of Year Review!

So we're fast approaching the end of 2009. It's been a pretty damn fast paced year. So what's happened that was Primeval related eh?

1. Third and longest season aired. It was amazing as usual! We lost some old friends, made some new ones, killed some baddies and found a little love!

2. Primeval was cancelled but thanks to the faithful viewers and wonderful team at Impossible Pictures it has been recomissioned to another two series. Series four is due to start filming in early 2010.

3. Laila Rouass got pretty far in Strictly Come Dancing.

4. Douglas Henshall starred in 'Collision'

5. Andrew-Lee Potts starred in Alice. A two part TV Drama that premiered on the US SyFy Channel. From all those that replied to me on Twitter I get the feeling a lot of people loved it!

That's all I can think of now... If you can think of any more then comment down there \/

I guess I have an apology to make. I haven't posted anything in over two months and I am truly sorry about that.
I really wasn't interested in Strictly and I can't follow dancing so that's why we didn't get any posts on that.
Another thing was the massive amounts of work that I've had to do. But I'm not trying to make excuses.

You guys deserve more than my lousy excuses and moaning so expect a full review of SyFy's Alice of the next week. I watched it and was totally amazed by it! Andrew was excellent as Hatter and it sort of made me feel guilty for not posting anything...Should have that done soon anyway.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

New Series to be Shot in Ireland

Aparently the new series is going to be shot in Ireland. Do you think this is a good move?

Personally I do. It will give a lot more new scenery and an endless possibility of new creatures to be used!

I found this article on the IFTN Website

Impossible Pictures have confirmed that their series ‘Primeval’ will move its production to Ireland next year. The series, which is broadcast on ITV, is expected to create over 70 jobs when it arrives here early next year with a budget of €15 million.

‘Primeval’ is described as a “rip-roaring, special effects-laden thriller in which the past, the present and the future collide.” The third series concluded on June 6 with a UK audience of 4.5 million viewers and an audience share of 25%. BBC Worldwide has sold it to 45 countries worldwide with the series being more popular in South Korea than the US series Lost.

Work will start on the production in January 2010 with filming beginning in March. 'Primeval' will film in Ireland over a period of nine months to complete the 13 new episodes, which will shoot on location in Dublin and Wicklow.

The first three series of the show were filmed in Surrey, England, but the decision to move the series to Ireland was based on the fact that Ireland provided a cost effective alternative, as well a fresh look, drawing on new film locations.

The show's producer, Tim Bradley, said that “the opportunity to shoot a diverse crop of fabulous urban and rural locations such as castles, sea and coast; the historical Dublin quarter and the unique Irish countryside coupled with drawing on the huge experience of Irish crew and cast alike makes the prospect of filming 'Primeval' in Ireland a fantastic opportunity for us over the next 18 months."

“This is very good news that the UK producers of 'Primeval' have chosen to move the show to Ireland in 2010. This represents a real vote of confidence in the Irish film and television sector, and shows that Ireland continues to compete effectively for foreign business. The film industry continues to provide employment opportunities and this particular series will spend directly on Irish goods and services”, said Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism Martin Cullen TD.

Sheryl Trinh, Impossible’s Head of Group Operations said, “Tapping into Ireland’s Section 481 tax incentive for film and TV meant it was possible to re-think how we produce a series like Primeval. It’s new territory for Impossible Pictures, but with the excellent support and encouragement received from the Irish Film Board and the enthusiasm and professionalism shown by our local production partners, we are confident we will be able to once again deliver a top quality product on schedule and on budget”.

Co-financed by ITV, ProSeiben and BBC Worldwide, the series will be co-produced by leading Irish film and TV producer Treasure Entertainment (The Eclipse, Man About Dog, I Went Down)

The fourth and fifth series will be once again produced by Tim Bradley and will feature the return of actors from the previous series, including Hannah Spearritt (Agent Cody Banks 2), Andrew Lee Potts (Red Mist) and Jason Flemyng (Clash of the Titans), alongside the special effects created by Framestore CFC.

Also the 3rd poll is closed and the 4th, penultimate one is up, go check it out :D

Here's the results for the 3rd Poll.

The winner was 3x04 - Closing Anomalies/Giganotosaurus with 42% of the votes.

3x01 - The Egyptologist 2 (4%)
3x02 - Hunted House... 8 (19%)
3x03 - Cutter's Death 13 (31%)
3x04 - Closing Anomalies / Giganotosaurus 17 (41%)
3x05 - Mushroom Men 1 (2%)

AND FINALLY. I've had some interest shown in PrimevalARC T-shirts so there is also a poll on that. Please vote and I will probably only make the shirts if I get at least 70 YES votes.

T-shirts would be along the lines of Team Connor, Team Becker, Team Cutter... You get the picture.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Poll 2 now closed

Originally uploaded by clairetemple
The second poll of our 'mega-poll' has been closed!
I'm delighted to announce that the winning episode this round was the 'Mer Creatures' episode, or as I titled it - 'Connor loves Abby'.

That episode is seriously my favorite! I love it!

Anyway I'm really sorry but i sort of deleted the poll before I took down the results but I can tell you that the 'Mer Creature' episode won by a LANDSLIDE of about 20 votes

To make up for it... Here's Cutter lookin' pretty :)

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Petition is now closed.

The 'Save Primeval' Petition has now been closed. Only because the show has been confirmed to return in 2011.

Now a lot of people have been complaining that 2011 is TOO LONG to wait and that they can't cope with it but really it's not that far away.
When you think about it, we're in October now so there's only three months left til 2010 and then there's only about another year until we'll be able to watch the highly anticipated season 4!

15 months left to wait! (Or a year and three months, take your pick!)

Here's an article from The Star about the return of Primeval. Normally I'm opposed to even the thought of buying this paper but Primeval did bring a little good to this crappy paper.


Hannah Spearritt looking as lovely as ever :D

And on another note I forgot what my personal photobucket passcode was and I was using that to upload pictures here so I've now made an official PrimevalARC photobucket which can be found HERE

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The best news. EVER.

SO if you haven't heard then I'm guessing you live under a rock or something.

I really don't know how to explain this in a professional manner so I'll let this picture do the talking...

connor temple primeval

Connor is very happy my friends. WHY?


Here is the article from the BBC website where the news was first announced:

Sci-fi drama series Primeval has been resurrected for two new series by ITV just three months after it was announced it had been axed.

Original stars including Andrew Lee Potts, Jason Fleming and Hannah Spearritt will return to the show.

The series will be co-produced by ITV and UKTV, with series four premiering on ITV and five going out first on digital channel Watch.

Primeval features a group of scientists who battle prehistoric creatures.

Series three attracted average audiences of about five million in its Saturday tea-time ITV slot.

But when ITV was forced to make drastic cuts of £40m in the channel's production budget, it looked like spelling the end of the special-effects laden series.

As part of the new deal, also part-funded by BBC Worldwide and Germany's Pro7, 13 new episodes will be split over the two series, with series four going out in early 2011.

Tim Haines, Creative Director of Impossible Picture, said: "I am thrilled that ITV has agreed to this new deal which will allow Impossible Pictures to produce another 13 episodes of Primeval.

"The confidence demonstrated in the programme's continued success here and abroad will help us bring more big screen action and a whole host of new creatures roaring back into people's living rooms."

HERE is the link to the actual article.



Monday, 28 September 2009

I'm actually using the facebook now!

Yep. You heard right. 2 months ago I was totally opposed to facebook in everyway but now I kinda like it. Sort of how my love of Twilight began... BUT NO. This is a PRIMEVAL page :P

Now all the fans who aren't on Twitter can add the facebook page! There's a little widget down on the right hand side of this page that'll link you to the page but just in case you can't find it, here ya go

Primeval Arc

Create your badge

Go add the facebook page now!!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Favorite Episode?

We're doing a mega poll over the next few weeks to find out what YOUR favorite ever episode of Primeval is.

This mega-poll is gonna go something like this.

There will be five polls in total:
o Season 1
o Season 2
o Season 3 Episodes 1-5
o Season 3 Episodes 6-10
o Winners of previous polls

The first four polls will each run for three days.
The winners poll will run for a week.

As some of you may know we have already started and the winner of the first round was episode 1x04 which I entitled Connor and the Dodos

1x01 - Pilot Episode 4 votes (14%)
1x02 - Spiders in the Underground 1 votes (3%)
1x03 - Moving Anomalies 1 votes (3%)
1x04 - Connor and the Dodos 13 votes (48%)
1x05 - Pteradon on the Golf Course 6 votes (22%)
1x06 - Back to the Past 2 votes (7%)


Monday, 21 September 2009

Andrew-Lee Potts ALICE Preview

Well I'm very sorry that I haven't posted anything in an extremely long time but I haven't actually found much recently.


Today I turned on my TV and Primeval was on! The episode with the Mer-Creatures which is one of my absolute favorites! Anyway it made me remember that I ran this little site and had been rather lazy about it recently. So I went a' lookin' for some news or anything really and I found this trailer of Andrew-Lee's latest project - ALICE

I found the trailer on Daemons

Don't you just love his accent in it??

Monday, 31 August 2009

Laila Rouass on Strictly Come Dancing 2009

Haven't heard any news about the show but I did find out that Laila Rouass will be on this year's Strictly Come Dancing.

I personally have no interest in this show but some of you guys might :) I'm just glad our favorite cast have found something else to do!

HERE's the link to the Merry Media site where I found the article

Thanks for reading :D

Claire x

Friday, 14 August 2009

Movie in the making?

Well as a lot of you know there has been talk of a Primeval movie. But aparently the producers and production company have been named! Another step forward in the step to saving Primeval!

A big thanks goes out to @the11thdocc who sent me the link!

Akiva Goldsman and Kerry Foster will produce through Goldsman's WB-based Weed Road.

HERE is the whole article from

Friday, 7 August 2009

Alice, first pictures

Andrew-Lee Potts fans!

I know this isn't really Primeval news but it's good that the cast can find work isn't it?

The first picture's of SyFy's Alice which stars Andrew as 'Hatter' (A modern remake of the Mad Hatter) were released and so I think you should see them :D

Here they are :-

The White Knight, Alice Hamilton and The Hatter
Alice 1

Hatter himself

HERE is a link to where I found the pictures. They include pictures of the other 'Alice' cast.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Just a note for all the Twitterers out there!

I'm so grateful for everything you've done for Primeval the last couple of months but now I have another thing to ask you.

A while ago I created a 'twibbon' for Primeval. That's basically a little banner that goes in front of your twitter picture. Doesn't cost anything, just a tiny little thingy on your avatar that shows others your an 'eval fan :D

Please support Primeval even more and add the twibbon to your profile!

Just click that link down there and follow the instructions :)

Monday, 3 August 2009

Good news at last?!

Alright guys?

Well as promised I am blogging as soon as I hear ANYTHING Primeval so hears some news...

I got this mail in my GoPetition Mailbox and thought it'd be best if i shared it with you.

"Hope you dont mind me dropping you a line - I signed your petition a couple of months ago but I just heard some really interesting news that I thought you might like to spread around the other people that signed, and on your website? A friend of mine heard that apparently ITV might be thinking again about their decision to cancel Primeval - they've been so overwhelmed by all the support from the petitions and blogs and various articles that they might give it another try! Fingers crossed all the signatures will help change their mind!"

Thanks to Amy for sending me this! :)

*************************UPDATES *************************

I emailed Amy asking if she had any links to articles where her friend heard this and i got this back:-

As far as I can tell, my friend didnt hear it from an article, but I think they know people who work in and around ITV, so I'm guessing they got it from there? I have to say I dont know for sure, but they seemed pretty certain. From what they were saying, its something to do with all the petitions and blogs that people have been writing though.



Could this be the good news we've been waiting for?

A big thank you has to go out to all the people bitching at ITV through emails, creating petitions and ESPECIALLY to all the people who've been signing the petition!



Connor says thanks too ;)

Claire x

Saturday, 1 August 2009


Not heard or found any Primeval news in a while :(

Last I heard regarding anything Primeval was the post about it POSSIBLY coming back as an American series (FULL ARTICLE HERE)

Just thought I'd let you know the outcome of the poll as I'll be deleting it in a minute and creating a new one.

The question was:-

'Would you watch Primeval if they totally renewed it? With all new cast members and starting from the very beginning?'

Yeah I know, a bit of a mouthfull... I'll start making the names smaller after this XD

Here's the results...

32% (25 people) voted YES they would still watch it.
15% (12 people) voted that they wouldn't watch it with these changes.
7% (6 people) voted that they MIGHT watch it.
43% (33 people) voted that they would watch the 1st episode then decide if they could accept the changes.

The winner was to watch the first episode.

I'll admit that I voted that I'd watch it, regardless of what changed. I NEED MY SCI-FI! And seeing as David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who, Robin Hood was cancelled and.... well other TV in the UK is SH*T well I have nothing!

That's me off for today, see ya!

Claire x

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Primeval Fans has been taken over!

Howdy y'all!

Just a quick post to tell all the Tweeters out there that I have taken over the @Primeval_fans Twitter from @MarieC09.

Thought it was a shame to have it shut down so I offered to take over :)

Go follow the page and look out for mentions of the new fan fiction site! (Hasn't actually been set up yet but will post a link when it's all set up and running :)

Claire x

Monday, 20 July 2009

Andrew-Lee Potts working on new US show called 'Alice'

Andrew-Lee Potts (who we all know and love as the irresistable, amazing, slightly geeky but cool Connor Temple) is working on a new project for the SyFy channel called Alice.

It's going to be a modern remake of Alice in Wonderland, set about 150 years after the original story. Andrew will be playing Hatter, who I'm guessing is the modern Mad Hatter.

Will you be watching it?

HERE's the article from the Bradford Telegraph and Argus where I found this information

andrew lee potts Pictures, Images and Photos

Claire x

Primeval Totally Renewed in the US?

Found this arcticle whilst searching through Google's News. Kind of on the fence about this really. Don't know if a renewed Primeval would be as good as the old classic.

Article is from HERE

WITH the third and final season of Primeval out on DVD, fans are waiting for news on plans to stop the show becoming totally extinct.

Impossible Pictures, which makes the dino-drama, had sold the movie rights to Warner Bros and has also been in talks for a US version of the series.

The show was screened in the UK on ITV1 until it was axed last month.

Impossible founder Tim Haines has clarified the reasons for its cancellation and has also explained what they have in mind for the American version.

Haines was speaking in a recent article in Broadcast Now, which has just been drawn to my attention.

He said: "There was a lot of talk when Primeval was cancelled that it must have been because it is a big show, with lots of CGI and special effects.

"That's not the case. ITV wasn't paying the whole costs anyway but we offered to lower the price further and bring in 50 per cent of the funding with co-production deals. It would still have been been getting a show worth more than £1million for less than £600,000."

ITV has said it made the decision to protect its 9pm drama slot, which means no drama shows before that time, and Haines said he completely understood ITV's position.
Impossible is now negotiating with a US broadcaster to adapt Primeval. Haines said it was likely that the series would "start from scratch" with a slightly edgier feel.

It sounds like this would mean a new cast and writers, and an American setting. Haines added he was hopeful Primeval would come back to the UK, through a British channel buying the rights to the new US version.Meanwhile, Andrew-Lee Potts, who played Connor Temple in Primeval, has just spoken to the Bradford Telegraph and Argus about the show's cancellation.

Potts said: "It was very disappointing. Primeval was averaging five million viewers an episode and the show has ended on a cliff-hanger, with Connor and Abby and the rest lost in time. But we've got to roll with the punches.

"We were all gutted, but this is the way it is. I've played Connor for three seasons now, and we knew it wouldn't last forever.

"I feel most for the fans who have been loyal to Primeval throughout, especially the way the series ended. I'd like to thank everyone for their support."

He's now filming upcoming miniseries Alice - an update of the Alice in Wonderland story - on SyFy (formerly the Sci-Fi Channel). Potts plays Hatter, based on the Mad Hatter of the original tale. Alice is set to be screened on SyFy in December and could also be picked up by a major UK network.

Questions of the day:-

o Would you continue watching Primeval with an all new cast? *Take the poll over there somewhere >*

o Did Andrew-Lee Potts just get even more amazing?!

o Are you going to watch 'Alice' when it's aired?

Claire x

Saturday, 18 July 2009

FanFiction Success!

As you can see in the poll about fanfiction, a staggering amount of you want one.

I will be creating the PrimevalARC FanFic site towards the end of next week. (I know it's a while away bit I have a lot to do this week!)

I'm also going to make a PrimevalARC Writing site where we will try and wrote a good fourth season for you guys.
I'm looking for a group of about 5 writers (including myself if necessary) to work on writing a mock fourth season of Primeval.
If you want to be a part of this then email me at

For all the people who write but don't want to be part of that team I will be accepting fanfics that aren't to do with that project but these will be posted on the fanfic site.

What you have to do is email me.
In the email you need to put:-

- a short summary of the fic
- a age rating (keep it below PG15 please!)
- whether it'll be in chapters or 1 full installment.

Thanks for reading and I'll post more details later

Claire x

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Fan fiction!

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. Was away all this week and the week before I guess I was just lazy.

To make it up to you I've had an idea!

What do you guys think of a fan fiction site dedicated to primeval?

It would post any kind of fiction (Action, comedy, romance, etc.) and be all about primeval.

As it looks like we're not likely to get a 4th season then we should make our own. Get a bunch of writers together and write however many seasons we want!

We could also just write random stories about our favorite characters to fill in the void ITV left in our lives.


Well leave comments telling me what you think about this idea or you can tweet me at @PrimevalARC or @clairemaclennan.

Thanks for reading!

Claire x

Monday, 29 June 2009

Reminder of contact details

If you need to get in contact with me about anything then use one of these methods of communication.

Feel free to contact me about anything!!



Personal Twitter

Claire Xx

Sunday, 28 June 2009

I haven't posted a blog in ages!

Well I congratulate you in getting almost as much names this week as we got in week one!

But we still can't give up! Even I had my doubts this week but now i know we have to fight the douche-bags at ITV who believe Katie and Peter are more important than saving 3 of the people we have grown to love from a horrific death millions of years in the past!

Let's show those corporate stiffs that we can make a difference!

Spread the word in ANY WAY you possibly can! graffiti the link on busses! I don't care how the word gets out just do it!

May the force be with you!

C x

Friday, 19 June 2009

Realised I hadn't posted a blog today.

And today was a pretty important milestone in our campaign to return Primeval to our screens!

Today we reached 1000 names on the petition!! Thank you so much to EVERYONE who signed it!!

BUT our work is not done yet. We have to be realistic. 1000 signatures isn't going to put a serious dent in ITV's armour. We need to spread the word as fast as we can and to as many people as we can.

Get in contact with your local radio stations, news papers, anything that will advertise the infamous link which should be drummed into your heads!!

If it isn't then here it is...

And also keep pestering itv for information!!

Another fun fact! I started a YouTube for PrimevalARC today!

I think this link will work...

If it doesn't then sorry and I'll get you one later on :)


Claire Xxx

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Targets? What targets?

Well you know that target I set like yesterday?


Over 700 names since Monday. That has made me smile :) < see!

If you read the previous blog then you'll know that 700 names was the minimum amount that I would send off to ITV. Now we have more than that and it's still more than a week until July 1st when I'm going to review our situation again!!

Well done mates, well done. You really deserve more than a crappy blog every couple of days and the occasional picture of Andrew-Lee Potts I post on Twitter!!

This isn't a sign to stop campaigning though!! Keep up the fight and spread the link!!

Thanks :D

Claire Xx

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I've decided on a target for the thing

The petition needs to have a target doesn't it? I mean we can try to get over that target but I want to set one anyway!

I want to get at least 700 names before I send it to ITV.

At 14.40 on June 17th it looks like we're well on our way to getting 400 names by the end of the day! (We're at 372 now!) So I don't think it'll be long before we reach our MINIMUM target! :D

I think I'll send it to ITV at the end of June because that gives us a lot of time to get as many names as possible!

Thanks to everyone who has already signed it. But please keep spreading the word by ANY means possible! I wouldn't go as far as painting 'SAVE PRIMEVAL' and then a link to the petition on your chest/back/any-other-part-of-body just yet!

Please just tell all your friends, get everyone in your house to sign it, post messages on myspace, facebook, twitter... anything to get the word across!

Here's a link to the petition

Thanks again guys! :)

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Emails from ITV

I e-mailed ITV yesterday and got a useless reply from them. But then I re-did it again today and made some progress... Here's the whole thing for you guys to read :P

[My 1st Email]
From: Claire Maclennan
Sent: 15 June 2009 22:24
To: ITV Viewer Services
Subject: Cancellation of Primeval

I think that cancelling Primeval was a huge mistake on your part.

I have been talking to a lot of fans of the show and many of them are saying that they will stop watching itv as you have cancelled theirfavorite show.

I am included in this group of fans.

I hope that you reconsider Primeval's fate and recommision the show.

Claire Maclennan

[ITV's Reply]

Dear Claire

Thank you for your email.

After three very successful series of Primeval there are no plans at thepresent time for it to return to ITV.
High quality drama remains a keypart of the ITV schedule although our current focus is on post-watershedproductions.

Sorry to disappoint.

Kind Regards,

ITV Viewer Services -kb

[My reply to that load of...]

Will there at least be a final episode (post episode 10 of series 3) to finish off the show well instead of leaving viewers with no knowledge of what has happened or was going to happen to bring the show to a conclusion?

Claire Maclennan

[Their reply...]

Thanks again for your email.

We are sorry we have no information on our database at the moment but due to the popularity of Primeval any further news will be announcedwhen its confirmed.

Take Care

ITV Viewer Services -a/f



I think that I'd be happy enough with that. I mean a whole other season would be great but at least with one last episode things would be finished well!

Tweet me with your thoughts! at
Email me!


Monday, 15 June 2009

Primeval cancelled

It is with a heavy heart that I type this blog. I honestly didn't expect to be writing this almost as soon as I started this blog, or at all for that matter!

Primeval has been cancelled by ITV.

HERE is the link to the BBC news page where there is confirmation of the shows cancellation.

I'm going to try and get it back on our screens! Please can you sign this petition! We need as much names as possible!

If you want to get in contact with me then here's how you can do that.

E-mail -
Twitter -

Or you can leave a comment on this blog.


Saturday, 13 June 2009

New question!

So I have a new question for you! This ones a bit too long for twitter but if you want you can tweet me your answers.
Twitter address for those who don't know is:

Thought I would make it a fun one for you!

Where would YOU like an anomaly to appear?

Why do you want it to appear there?


What do you want to come out of it?

So I'll leave this question open for a while so you have answers :)

Claire x

Friday, 12 June 2009

Private twitters solved! Also THANK YOU!

Yeah, don't leave your twitters! I've decided to just go on my followers and follow all those with the private accounts so you guys don't miss out on the action!

Sorry but I can't follow all the people with public accounts because I'm getting so many tweets already that my twitters full like all the time.

I have been looking for any information on a series 4 of our favorite show but the blog I posted with the interview with Tim Haines is the only thing I've found. You can read this here.

And why am I saying thank you? Well you guys are just being so awesome thats why!
When I was on my travels through the sewers of the internet for any news on a series 4 for you guys I found a link to this blog! I was so shocked and amazed to find that! Thank you so much for already spreading the word about this page! I mean the blogs only been going for like 3 days and the twitter for only 5!

So happy to know that I'm already being linked to as a Primeval news page!

Thanks again!


Thursday, 11 June 2009

Private Twitter Accounts. And poll!!

I've been informed that all my followers who have private twitter accounts can't message me if I'm not following them.
I don't want any of my followers to miss out on the PrimevalARC action so I've figured out a way to get you guys to make ME follow YOU!

Simply leave a comment on this blog post with the web address of your twitter and I will follow it! Simple and real easy!

Hopefully this will solve some problems!

I've made a poll people!! Favorite character! I know I've asked this question on my twitter but this way I can actually see percentages and what not!
The poll is open until July 1st. After this I guess the best character in Primeval will be decided!

Thanks for reading!

Claire x

Interview with Tim Haines about the finale and future of Primeval

Primeval's most eventful series to date came to its climax tonight with a finale that saw Helen meet her maker, Connor and Abby stranded in the past and poor Danny stranded even further in the past. So what next for the gang? Is Cutter definitely dead? And do rumours of a film version and US spinoff have weight? We caught up with Primeval co-creator Tim Haines for a chat about the show's future.
Series three was very busy - more episodes than before and lots of comings and goings. What was your own highlight?
"Oooh! Lots really. I think the airplane scenes with the Giganotosaurus in episode four worked nicely. I think the fungus monster was good, when I was worried at some point it wasn't going to be! The Knight story was charming and made a bit of a difference. Also I found Cutter's demise in episode three very moving. We were very unfortunate to be opposite Doctor Who that night - it was a big blow - but there we are. In the long run the figures returned to what they were before."

As for Cutter being killed off, was that always the plan or was it Dougie's decision?
"There's always been a Cutter-Helen arc that wasn't going to last forever because they were running such an intense relationship. Something had to give! The order in which it happened was just rather dictated by circumstances but it worked very well for the series. Jason [Flemyng] has been great coming in after Dougie left."

A few episodes later we also lost Jennifer/Claudia. Was that always a natural consequence of Cutter being killed?
"I think that was fallout and definitely part of it. Jenny, though, is very deliberately not gone forever, if we don't want it, but she was clearly emotionally attached. It was quite difficult to set a similar relationship up with her and Danny. It depends, she could come back."

With that said, could Cutter also come back?
"Everything is possible but we're very cautious about playing that card, even though I know at the end of series one they came back and changed time. I know this sounds contradictory, but fundamentally Primeval isn't a time travel show. It's a show about creatures popping up now, therefore we avoid all these time conundrums which could completely turn your storylines upside down. So other than the Jenny/Claudia contradiction, we haven't played that at all. As you know, Jim [Murray, aka Stephen] didn't come back in series three. Again, we don't need to close anything off - people could pop up in all sorts of ways - but we're reluctant to be too fast and loose with time."

I had lots of messages from fans, including a lot in Germany, who seemed to be quite angry with Stephen's departure - and again with Cutter's demise. What would you say to those fans?
"It's absolutely essential for this show to communicate that there is real jeopardy for the team. They do go into the most ridiculous scrapes and survive every week, but at some point something's got to give. Otherwise it becomes increasingly cartoonish. I do have enormous sympathy for the fans. We spend a lot of time getting people to like our characters and then when one dies, people can get annoyed about it or feel it's wrong. But at the same time, that's what drama's about."

In the finale we also lost Helen. Is it safe to say now that the Helen/Cutter/Stephen arc has come to an end?
"Yes. And the death of Helen leaves quite a lot of things that we will pick up in the fourth series. Helen disappeared for years and we never explored why, or how, or what she got up to. She left a diary behind and there are also other things she left behind which gives clues to something else that's going on. So although that's the end of the Helen-Cutter-Stephen triangle, it has echoes as we continue forward."

Has the fourth series been officially commissioned yet?
"No, not yet. Obviously we always have ideas about what we want to do but until we get the greenlight, we won't do anything. Adrian [Hodges, co-creator] and I have planned lots of things, but we're all waiting for the decision."

When I spoke to you and Adrian in the early days of Primeval, you said you had a three-year plan for the show. Now we've finished series three, do you have a clear idea of what's happening going forward with series four, five and beyond?
"We do have a plan for the foreseeable future. Moving forward we have two series ahead, with what we're thinking at the moment. Thinking beyond that would just do our heads in, so we don't! You can always lay down new tracks as you go, so that's what we'll seek to do if we're lucky enough to go again and again."

In the last month a movie version of Primeval has been confirmed. How does that fit in with the TV series? Should it be considered a separate project?
"It is somewhat a separate project because as you can imagine, the big studios are a law unto themselves. They will listen to us and of course be very understanding and try to take the essence of the show onto the big screen. In the end they are movie makers and they will make the film they think works. We've yet to see how that pans out."

Will it use the same cast?
"I have no idea. There is no onus on them to have the same cast, and like all these things, those decisions haven't been made yet but when they come to concentrate on it, they will decide what to do."

Finally, there have been reports of a US-based spinoff. Is there any truth to that?
"We're working on that with people in Canada for budgeting reasons. We're working on it. I don't know whether it will happen but it seems to be trundling along."

Is it a remake or is it a spinoff set in the same universe?
"I think our aim is that it lives in the same universe. Think CSI!"

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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Just incase I start getting crazy complaints,

I want to say that seeing as I have only started this blog site today I DO NOT have any spoilers or series information YET other than the fact that the producers know what they will be doing if Primeval is comissioned for a fourth series.

And also Warner Bros have bought film rights for the show for anyone that didn't know that!
(Basically means that if there is a Primeval movie *fingers crossed* then warner bros will be producing it.)

E-mail... So much better! And, the first question!

Discovered that I can just email the stuff I want to post on this blog to a special blogger e-mail! That will make things so much easier as I can do it from my iPod and post more blogs!!

On the PrimevalARC twitter ( I post daily questions to see what you think about the show.
I'll try to post different ones on this site as often as I can so if you don't have twitter then your not left out!

First question!!
Do you think that Cutter will be back? And how do you think they'll bring him back?

First post

Welcome to the PrimevalARC blog!!

For more frequent updates, questions and trivia on Primeval then follow the site on twitter at:

Im going to start the blog with 5 things that I love about primeval.

1. Connor Temple
2. Andrew-Lee Potts
3. Connor and Abby's clothing style
4. The amazing cast
5. The wide variety of pre-historic creatures used in the episodes

There's my top 5! Feel free to tweet me yours!