Friday, 12 June 2009

Private twitters solved! Also THANK YOU!

Yeah, don't leave your twitters! I've decided to just go on my followers and follow all those with the private accounts so you guys don't miss out on the action!

Sorry but I can't follow all the people with public accounts because I'm getting so many tweets already that my twitters full like all the time.

I have been looking for any information on a series 4 of our favorite show but the blog I posted with the interview with Tim Haines is the only thing I've found. You can read this here.

And why am I saying thank you? Well you guys are just being so awesome thats why!
When I was on my travels through the sewers of the internet for any news on a series 4 for you guys I found a link to this blog! I was so shocked and amazed to find that! Thank you so much for already spreading the word about this page! I mean the blogs only been going for like 3 days and the twitter for only 5!

So happy to know that I'm already being linked to as a Primeval news page!

Thanks again!


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