Wednesday, 10 June 2009

E-mail... So much better! And, the first question!

Discovered that I can just email the stuff I want to post on this blog to a special blogger e-mail! That will make things so much easier as I can do it from my iPod and post more blogs!!

On the PrimevalARC twitter ( I post daily questions to see what you think about the show.
I'll try to post different ones on this site as often as I can so if you don't have twitter then your not left out!

First question!!
Do you think that Cutter will be back? And how do you think they'll bring him back?


  1. If he comes back in a later series, which I sincerely hope he does, I imagine it will be by means of some trip thru an anomoly which will change something, much the way Claudia Brown disappeared and Jenny Lewis appeared in her place. In some alternate timeline, someone who looks just like Nick exists, and it's very likely that Connor will find him. That's my take on things anyways.

  2. I don't know if he will come back, I heard a rumor that Stephen would be back in the 4th series, now whether that is true or not remains to be seen. I think if they don't want to lose viewers they should bring back Stephen and Nick. Perhaps the very last scene of the series if ever cancelled could be Nick coming back through the anomaly right as Helen is on the cliff with Becker and Nick pushes her off!!! Thanks for putting up this blog!!!

  3. Ye need to be following people back, not only is it polite but many of us have private twitter accounts and can't reply to those who aren't following us.