Thursday, 23 July 2009

Primeval Fans has been taken over!

Howdy y'all!

Just a quick post to tell all the Tweeters out there that I have taken over the @Primeval_fans Twitter from @MarieC09.

Thought it was a shame to have it shut down so I offered to take over :)

Go follow the page and look out for mentions of the new fan fiction site! (Hasn't actually been set up yet but will post a link when it's all set up and running :)

Claire x

Monday, 20 July 2009

Andrew-Lee Potts working on new US show called 'Alice'

Andrew-Lee Potts (who we all know and love as the irresistable, amazing, slightly geeky but cool Connor Temple) is working on a new project for the SyFy channel called Alice.

It's going to be a modern remake of Alice in Wonderland, set about 150 years after the original story. Andrew will be playing Hatter, who I'm guessing is the modern Mad Hatter.

Will you be watching it?

HERE's the article from the Bradford Telegraph and Argus where I found this information

andrew lee potts Pictures, Images and Photos

Claire x

Primeval Totally Renewed in the US?

Found this arcticle whilst searching through Google's News. Kind of on the fence about this really. Don't know if a renewed Primeval would be as good as the old classic.

Article is from HERE

WITH the third and final season of Primeval out on DVD, fans are waiting for news on plans to stop the show becoming totally extinct.

Impossible Pictures, which makes the dino-drama, had sold the movie rights to Warner Bros and has also been in talks for a US version of the series.

The show was screened in the UK on ITV1 until it was axed last month.

Impossible founder Tim Haines has clarified the reasons for its cancellation and has also explained what they have in mind for the American version.

Haines was speaking in a recent article in Broadcast Now, which has just been drawn to my attention.

He said: "There was a lot of talk when Primeval was cancelled that it must have been because it is a big show, with lots of CGI and special effects.

"That's not the case. ITV wasn't paying the whole costs anyway but we offered to lower the price further and bring in 50 per cent of the funding with co-production deals. It would still have been been getting a show worth more than £1million for less than £600,000."

ITV has said it made the decision to protect its 9pm drama slot, which means no drama shows before that time, and Haines said he completely understood ITV's position.
Impossible is now negotiating with a US broadcaster to adapt Primeval. Haines said it was likely that the series would "start from scratch" with a slightly edgier feel.

It sounds like this would mean a new cast and writers, and an American setting. Haines added he was hopeful Primeval would come back to the UK, through a British channel buying the rights to the new US version.Meanwhile, Andrew-Lee Potts, who played Connor Temple in Primeval, has just spoken to the Bradford Telegraph and Argus about the show's cancellation.

Potts said: "It was very disappointing. Primeval was averaging five million viewers an episode and the show has ended on a cliff-hanger, with Connor and Abby and the rest lost in time. But we've got to roll with the punches.

"We were all gutted, but this is the way it is. I've played Connor for three seasons now, and we knew it wouldn't last forever.

"I feel most for the fans who have been loyal to Primeval throughout, especially the way the series ended. I'd like to thank everyone for their support."

He's now filming upcoming miniseries Alice - an update of the Alice in Wonderland story - on SyFy (formerly the Sci-Fi Channel). Potts plays Hatter, based on the Mad Hatter of the original tale. Alice is set to be screened on SyFy in December and could also be picked up by a major UK network.

Questions of the day:-

o Would you continue watching Primeval with an all new cast? *Take the poll over there somewhere >*

o Did Andrew-Lee Potts just get even more amazing?!

o Are you going to watch 'Alice' when it's aired?

Claire x

Saturday, 18 July 2009

FanFiction Success!

As you can see in the poll about fanfiction, a staggering amount of you want one.

I will be creating the PrimevalARC FanFic site towards the end of next week. (I know it's a while away bit I have a lot to do this week!)

I'm also going to make a PrimevalARC Writing site where we will try and wrote a good fourth season for you guys.
I'm looking for a group of about 5 writers (including myself if necessary) to work on writing a mock fourth season of Primeval.
If you want to be a part of this then email me at

For all the people who write but don't want to be part of that team I will be accepting fanfics that aren't to do with that project but these will be posted on the fanfic site.

What you have to do is email me.
In the email you need to put:-

- a short summary of the fic
- a age rating (keep it below PG15 please!)
- whether it'll be in chapters or 1 full installment.

Thanks for reading and I'll post more details later

Claire x

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Fan fiction!

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. Was away all this week and the week before I guess I was just lazy.

To make it up to you I've had an idea!

What do you guys think of a fan fiction site dedicated to primeval?

It would post any kind of fiction (Action, comedy, romance, etc.) and be all about primeval.

As it looks like we're not likely to get a 4th season then we should make our own. Get a bunch of writers together and write however many seasons we want!

We could also just write random stories about our favorite characters to fill in the void ITV left in our lives.


Well leave comments telling me what you think about this idea or you can tweet me at @PrimevalARC or @clairemaclennan.

Thanks for reading!

Claire x