Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Back with a bang, and some news!

2010 eh? That means less than a year to new Primeval!

Sorry the first post of 2010 is coming so late! Been a busy year so far!

Primeval news? Well there's been quite a bit! Too much to show in just one post so I'll be posting links to all the pages with news right here :)

Firstly, word on the street is that series 4 will be set a year after series 3 which brings up so many possible plot twists and story lines it’s unimaginable!
Also I’ve heard that Andrew Lee Potts and Hannah Spearritt will be returning for the whole series while Jason Flemyng will only be returning for a handful of episodes.

Here are the links to the articles:
Primeval's back, and its creator vows answers
Douglas Henshall Interview
‘Primeval’ Begins Production in Ireland
Creator of Primeval Confirms Filming Underway and Reveals Some Series Info!

We also received some set pictures of Andrew from one of the twitter followers, @Pottsfanatic, so go follow and show and show some love :)

Connor's looking a little rough in those pictures, wearing the same clothes he finished S3 in and growing a beard which I'm not so sure about. So I'm guessing that him and Abby have been stuck back in time for that whole year the series is set after.

AND IN OTHER NON-S4 RELATED NEWS… Primeval action figures have been reduced to £2.99 on the Character website so go grab some action figures while their hot!

Thanks for checking out the blog, and all the support you guys show to both me and Primeval!

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