Monday, 31 August 2009

Laila Rouass on Strictly Come Dancing 2009

Haven't heard any news about the show but I did find out that Laila Rouass will be on this year's Strictly Come Dancing.

I personally have no interest in this show but some of you guys might :) I'm just glad our favorite cast have found something else to do!

HERE's the link to the Merry Media site where I found the article

Thanks for reading :D

Claire x

Friday, 14 August 2009

Movie in the making?

Well as a lot of you know there has been talk of a Primeval movie. But aparently the producers and production company have been named! Another step forward in the step to saving Primeval!

A big thanks goes out to @the11thdocc who sent me the link!

Akiva Goldsman and Kerry Foster will produce through Goldsman's WB-based Weed Road.

HERE is the whole article from

Friday, 7 August 2009

Alice, first pictures

Andrew-Lee Potts fans!

I know this isn't really Primeval news but it's good that the cast can find work isn't it?

The first picture's of SyFy's Alice which stars Andrew as 'Hatter' (A modern remake of the Mad Hatter) were released and so I think you should see them :D

Here they are :-

The White Knight, Alice Hamilton and The Hatter
Alice 1

Hatter himself

HERE is a link to where I found the pictures. They include pictures of the other 'Alice' cast.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Just a note for all the Twitterers out there!

I'm so grateful for everything you've done for Primeval the last couple of months but now I have another thing to ask you.

A while ago I created a 'twibbon' for Primeval. That's basically a little banner that goes in front of your twitter picture. Doesn't cost anything, just a tiny little thingy on your avatar that shows others your an 'eval fan :D

Please support Primeval even more and add the twibbon to your profile!

Just click that link down there and follow the instructions :)

Monday, 3 August 2009

Good news at last?!

Alright guys?

Well as promised I am blogging as soon as I hear ANYTHING Primeval so hears some news...

I got this mail in my GoPetition Mailbox and thought it'd be best if i shared it with you.

"Hope you dont mind me dropping you a line - I signed your petition a couple of months ago but I just heard some really interesting news that I thought you might like to spread around the other people that signed, and on your website? A friend of mine heard that apparently ITV might be thinking again about their decision to cancel Primeval - they've been so overwhelmed by all the support from the petitions and blogs and various articles that they might give it another try! Fingers crossed all the signatures will help change their mind!"

Thanks to Amy for sending me this! :)

*************************UPDATES *************************

I emailed Amy asking if she had any links to articles where her friend heard this and i got this back:-

As far as I can tell, my friend didnt hear it from an article, but I think they know people who work in and around ITV, so I'm guessing they got it from there? I have to say I dont know for sure, but they seemed pretty certain. From what they were saying, its something to do with all the petitions and blogs that people have been writing though.



Could this be the good news we've been waiting for?

A big thank you has to go out to all the people bitching at ITV through emails, creating petitions and ESPECIALLY to all the people who've been signing the petition!



Connor says thanks too ;)

Claire x

Saturday, 1 August 2009


Not heard or found any Primeval news in a while :(

Last I heard regarding anything Primeval was the post about it POSSIBLY coming back as an American series (FULL ARTICLE HERE)

Just thought I'd let you know the outcome of the poll as I'll be deleting it in a minute and creating a new one.

The question was:-

'Would you watch Primeval if they totally renewed it? With all new cast members and starting from the very beginning?'

Yeah I know, a bit of a mouthfull... I'll start making the names smaller after this XD

Here's the results...

32% (25 people) voted YES they would still watch it.
15% (12 people) voted that they wouldn't watch it with these changes.
7% (6 people) voted that they MIGHT watch it.
43% (33 people) voted that they would watch the 1st episode then decide if they could accept the changes.

The winner was to watch the first episode.

I'll admit that I voted that I'd watch it, regardless of what changed. I NEED MY SCI-FI! And seeing as David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who, Robin Hood was cancelled and.... well other TV in the UK is SH*T well I have nothing!

That's me off for today, see ya!

Claire x