Saturday, 1 August 2009


Not heard or found any Primeval news in a while :(

Last I heard regarding anything Primeval was the post about it POSSIBLY coming back as an American series (FULL ARTICLE HERE)

Just thought I'd let you know the outcome of the poll as I'll be deleting it in a minute and creating a new one.

The question was:-

'Would you watch Primeval if they totally renewed it? With all new cast members and starting from the very beginning?'

Yeah I know, a bit of a mouthfull... I'll start making the names smaller after this XD

Here's the results...

32% (25 people) voted YES they would still watch it.
15% (12 people) voted that they wouldn't watch it with these changes.
7% (6 people) voted that they MIGHT watch it.
43% (33 people) voted that they would watch the 1st episode then decide if they could accept the changes.

The winner was to watch the first episode.

I'll admit that I voted that I'd watch it, regardless of what changed. I NEED MY SCI-FI! And seeing as David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who, Robin Hood was cancelled and.... well other TV in the UK is SH*T well I have nothing!

That's me off for today, see ya!

Claire x


  1. While I will miss Tennant, I'm still looking forward to Dr. Who and will give the new doctor a fair chance. As you said, I need my Sci-Fi fix. At least you're in the UK where most of the good sci-fi is coming from. Just wish we could convince Impossible Pictures to do some direct to DVD releases for Primeval w/current cast like was done for Stargate SG1 Ark of Truth and Continuum.

  2. Tennant leaving is depressing... but was inevitable... Saving judgement of Matt Smith for after his first ep... but its not looking great so far... Too young, the outfit is taking it one step too far...(I'm all for geek, but I dispise bow ties.. and folded up trousers to?? No...)I only remember him from Ruby in the Smoke, Tiger in the Well... with an annoying cockney accent... keep meaning to watch his other work to get used to him... I like the girl they chose as the companion though. She seems nice.
    And as for Primeval, I did vote 'after 1 ep' but odds are I'd keep watching even if I didn't like it much, since like u said, not loads on tv thats great... Since LOST is on its last season, Smallvilles probly near its end... dunno bout Supernatural, not looking good for the Dean+Sam. But least ABC look like they have another decent show to follow Lost with. Far as I know it involved time skipping. And John Cho! :woop!: (Tis called Flash Forward, the trailer looked promising.)

  3. I MISS DAVID TENNANT!!! It's been a while since he left, and I still miss him like crazy. He's my favorite doctor (closely followed by Tom Baker as 4) and NO ONE will EVER be able to replace him. I've seen Matt Smith, but he will NEVER be as good as David. Even though he's a darn good actor, too.
    Oh, and I don't mean to be picky or anything, but since when is Robin Hood SciFi?