Saturday, 11 July 2009

Fan fiction!

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. Was away all this week and the week before I guess I was just lazy.

To make it up to you I've had an idea!

What do you guys think of a fan fiction site dedicated to primeval?

It would post any kind of fiction (Action, comedy, romance, etc.) and be all about primeval.

As it looks like we're not likely to get a 4th season then we should make our own. Get a bunch of writers together and write however many seasons we want!

We could also just write random stories about our favorite characters to fill in the void ITV left in our lives.


Well leave comments telling me what you think about this idea or you can tweet me at @PrimevalARC or @clairemaclennan.

Thanks for reading!

Claire x


  1. I'm not a writer but would LOVE to read what others would post it's a "yay" from me for a fan fic site!!

  2. No 4th season???!! Being in the States, I'm way behind...