Friday, 19 June 2009

Realised I hadn't posted a blog today.

And today was a pretty important milestone in our campaign to return Primeval to our screens!

Today we reached 1000 names on the petition!! Thank you so much to EVERYONE who signed it!!

BUT our work is not done yet. We have to be realistic. 1000 signatures isn't going to put a serious dent in ITV's armour. We need to spread the word as fast as we can and to as many people as we can.

Get in contact with your local radio stations, news papers, anything that will advertise the infamous link which should be drummed into your heads!!

If it isn't then here it is...

And also keep pestering itv for information!!

Another fun fact! I started a YouTube for PrimevalARC today!

I think this link will work...

If it doesn't then sorry and I'll get you one later on :)


Claire Xxx

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  1. I twittered @PeterFacinelli and asked him to help get his followers to sign.. don't know if it will work but I'm willing to try anything once LOL!