Sunday, 27 September 2009

Favorite Episode?

We're doing a mega poll over the next few weeks to find out what YOUR favorite ever episode of Primeval is.

This mega-poll is gonna go something like this.

There will be five polls in total:
o Season 1
o Season 2
o Season 3 Episodes 1-5
o Season 3 Episodes 6-10
o Winners of previous polls

The first four polls will each run for three days.
The winners poll will run for a week.

As some of you may know we have already started and the winner of the first round was episode 1x04 which I entitled Connor and the Dodos

1x01 - Pilot Episode 4 votes (14%)
1x02 - Spiders in the Underground 1 votes (3%)
1x03 - Moving Anomalies 1 votes (3%)
1x04 - Connor and the Dodos 13 votes (48%)
1x05 - Pteradon on the Golf Course 6 votes (22%)
1x06 - Back to the Past 2 votes (7%)


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