Thursday, 1 October 2009

Petition is now closed.

The 'Save Primeval' Petition has now been closed. Only because the show has been confirmed to return in 2011.

Now a lot of people have been complaining that 2011 is TOO LONG to wait and that they can't cope with it but really it's not that far away.
When you think about it, we're in October now so there's only three months left til 2010 and then there's only about another year until we'll be able to watch the highly anticipated season 4!

15 months left to wait! (Or a year and three months, take your pick!)

Here's an article from The Star about the return of Primeval. Normally I'm opposed to even the thought of buying this paper but Primeval did bring a little good to this crappy paper.


Hannah Spearritt looking as lovely as ever :D

And on another note I forgot what my personal photobucket passcode was and I was using that to upload pictures here so I've now made an official PrimevalARC photobucket which can be found HERE


  1. Jesus, i'm so happy they'll back. I already watch a lot of good serials: Gossip Girl, Sex n' d' City, The Charmed, Harper's Island, House MD, but only Primeval got this "something' (well, maybe except house) and when they set it's off, i got crushed:O Really, i cried even once. But now i'm happy and 2011 i don't think that's long time 2 wait.

    Sorry for my weak (i think) english, i never learned it as well as i should so...

  2. Love Primeval and cant wait for series 4 and 5 to come out( i am not lying about the two new series!)

  3. Season 3 features creatures from tthe future that are nightmares to my sister.

  4. Love Hannah and Andrew!!!! :D